Strategic Moves and Decisions: IV Lingo Series

November 14, 2023

At Infinite Victory, our passion extends beyond the electrifying gameplay on the court.

We’re on a mission to bridge diverse worlds, drawing parallels between the adrenaline-packed realm of basketball and the revolutionary world of Web3.

Introducing the IV Lingo Series, a deep dive into a unique lexicon that holds significance in both these vibrant universes.

Crossover Athletes on the Court - Baseball Players
1. Kevin

For basketball enthusiasts, the name ‘Kevin’ evokes the legendary Kevin Durant, whose finesse and skill on the court have captivated fans globally.

His legacy is a tapestry of moments that have not just defined his career but have inspired a generation.

In the Web3 realm, 'Kevin' represents a different kind of legend. Pixelmon, an open-world role-playing game reminiscent of Pokémon, allows players to collect and train unique creatures.

The project became infamous when its art was revealed because it was not the polished art that was expected.

The community was met with an underwhelming depiction of a Pixelmon named ‘Kevin’ among many others. The art was so unexpectedly comical that it instantly became a meme, symbolizing the unpredictable and often wild nature of the NFT space.

‘Kevin’ now stands as a historical NFT, marking a notable moment in the evolution of digital collectibles.

Crossover Athletes on the Court - Soccer Players
2. Flip

In basketball, a 'flip' refers to a deceptive and skillful pass where the ball is quickly flicked or tossed to a teammate in an unexpected manner, often leading to an advantageous play. 

The player making the flip pass frequently follows up with a screen to obstruct the defender, enhancing the chance for the teammate to make a successful play.

'Flip' in the context of Web3 is a term used by traders who buy digital assets like cryptocurrencies or NFTs at a low price with the intention of selling them when their value increases. It's akin to day trading in the stock market.

Another prevalent flipping strategy occurs immediately after an NFT release, where traders purchase assets before their traits or rarity are revealed and then sell for a profit the rarer ones.

An example of this would be someone who acquires a pack of trading cards and finds a rare card. They could then sell this rare card at a higher price, securing a profit from their initial purchase.

Crossover Athletes on the Court - Football Players
3. Holding

In the world of basketball, ‘holding’ is when a player illegally grabs or holds an opponent to prevent them from moving freely.

This can be a strategic foul, used to stop the play and disrupt the other team's momentum.

For example, a player might hold an opponent to prevent a fast break after a turnover.

Contrastingly, in the Web3 universe, 'holding' is a strategy where investors keep their digital assets, like cryptocurrency or NFTs, for a long period, regardless of market fluctuations.

The belief is that these assets will increase in value over time. It's akin to investing in a rare collectible, like a vintage comic book, expecting it to become more valuable as it ages.

Crossover Athletes on the Court - Hockey Players
4. Drop

On the court, a ‘drop’ pass is a strategic pass where the ball is left or bounced to a teammate, often without looking, to facilitate a scoring opportunity.

Imagine a player driving towards the basket, drawing defenders, and then dropping the ball behind him for a teammate to pick up and score.

In the Web3 ecosystem, a ‘drop’ takes on a different kind of excitement.It refers to the release of new digital assets to the public, such as tokens or NFTs.

These events are highly anticipated by the community, as they often offer the first chance to buy or receive new, potentially valuable digital items.

For example, a digital artist might announce a drop of their latest NFT collection, exciting fans and collectors who look forward to owning a piece of the artist's work.


The IV Lingo Series is more than just a linguistic exploration; it’s a celebration of the synergies between two dynamic worlds.

As basketball and Web3 continue to influence and shape our experiences, the convergence of their terminologies offers a unique perspective on their intertwined narratives.

At Infinite Victory, we’re thrilled to be at this crossroads, and we invite our community to join us on this enlightening journey.

As we further explore and expand on the IV Lingo, stay engaged, stay curious, and most importantly, stay tuned for more insights and revelations! 🌐🚀

The Bit Fry Team
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