The Voice of IV - Iconic Voice meets Your Choice

October 29, 2023

Community involvement is more important than ever in the ever-evolving world of gaming.

It’s not just about playing a game; it’s about being a part of its creation, evolution, and legacy. 

At Infinite Victory, we deeply resonate with this sentiment, and in a groundbreaking move, we’ve decided to involve our community in a way that’s both innovative and nostalgic.

A Legendary Voice Joins the IV Universe

Tim Kitzrow - If you've played NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, NHL Hitz, MLB Slugfest, or many other iconic sports games, you've undoubtedly heard his iconic voice after a particularly impressive dunk or game-winning three-pointer. His voice has been the backdrop to countless gaming memories for many, adding excitement, humor, and a unique flavor to every game.

And now we're excited to announce that we're bringing this legendary voice to Infinite Victory.

But There’s a Twist!

Instead of us deciding on every line Tim would say, we’ve thrown the ball into our community’s court.

The IV Squad will have the opportunity to pick some of Kitzrow’s iconic lines. Over the upcoming weeks, fans will be presented with options for specific gameplay moments, and they get to vote for their favorites.

Why This Matters

This initiative is not just about crowd-sourcing voice lines. It’s a testament to IV’s commitment to its community. By giving players a say in the game’s voiceover, we’re ensuring that the game resonates with its audience, feels more personalized, and strengthens the bond between the game and its players.

Moreover, it’s a nod to the past - a way to bring a touch of the golden age of arcade basketball into the modern era, ensuring that while the game is cutting-edge, it still evokes that warm, nostalgic feeling.

Looking Ahead

As we roll out the voting process, we're eager to see which lines you- our community- will gravitate towards.Will the choices lean heavily into nostalgia, or will there be a preference for something entirely fresh and unexpected?

The anticipation is palpable, and only time will reveal the favorites.

In the end, this initiative reflects our belief in the evolving nature of gaming, especially in the Web3 era.
It's about games becoming more collaborative, where the boundaries between us, the developers, and you, the players, start to blend.

Together, we're creating experiences that are truly by the community and for the community.

Join the Fun!

Keep a close eye on our social media channels for the weekly voice line polls.

Dive in, cast your vote, and let your voice echo in the corridors of our game.

Together, we’ll craft an in-game experience that’s not just thrilling but also uniquely ours, one voice line at a time! 🎙️🏀

The Bit Fry Team
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